Water Remediation in Encinitas, CA

Water Damage Encinitas

Encinitas Water Damage

Water remediation is the main step of the restoration process. Mold can easily destroy the infrastructure of your residential or commercial property. So it is extremely important to take precautions before the mold grows and cause any further damage.

Mold grows in the wet, damp, and dark areas like the basement or crawl areas of your property. It will spread and move around all the walls and ceilings within 24 to 48 hours after the water damage. It is a proven fact that if the timely precautions are not taken, it can create and spread serious health hazards.

Santa Barbara Water Damage is providing complete water remediation services to reduce any health risks. What we use at home is normally a solution of water and bleach which is not enough in this situation. But it requires strong chemicals along with the strong suction equipment to suck the dirt completely. Our certified team of professionals has the right training to overcome the after-effects of water damage.

In order to minimize the effects of mold and not to let it damage other areas, we take full responsibility and start off by taking the following steps:

  • Pulling up the padding and carpets
  • Using large fans, wet vacuum cleaners
  • Using Heavy pumps to dry all the surface and carpeting.
  • Restoration of every possible belonging like furniture, books, artwork, etc.

The use of efficient and heavy vacuums is important because it has strong filters to capture even the tiniest particles of the mold. These also help in cleaning the sticky and thick layer around the molded areas.

Santa Barbara Water Damage, one-stop solution for water remediation services

The Santa Barbara Water Damage team has successfully served a diverse client base by making the right strategies. Following is a list of our commercial and private ventures which includes:

  • Single-family residential apartments
  • Condominiums at universities and schools
  • Senior living communities
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail stores and shopping malls
  • Factories office buildings
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals

Restoration of Hazardous Areas

Being the leading company in Santa Barbara County, we have a vast experience in restoring the hazardous areas. Our technicians are fully trained to use advanced equipment proficiently. They are working to remove mold by following the standard inspection and safety regulations.

Our team is efficient enough that they can literally upgrade the affected area like never before. Following is the step by step procedure of water remediation:

1- Determine the real cause of water damage

2- Using precautionary items like masks and gloves against any side effects from chemical spray

3- Taking the control and managing the humidity level at the area

4- Removing any rotten items from the location

5- Sealing the affected area to prevent any further growth of mold in other areas

6- Health control measures for the safety of our technicians

7- Detailed spraying in all the affected areas of the property

8- Testing the moisture and humidity level using only the best types of equipment

9- Providing efficient project management services

10- Providing an accurate budget estimation

11- Developing a schedule for project execution

12- Initiating and performing the task after customer authorization